About Us - Your #1 Toronto Handyman Service Provider


The nations’ best handyman service available today to come fix any need you have around the house. We can come provide our services so you can have time to focus on things that are really important, like getting work done, spending time with your family, or simply getting some much-needed rest and relaxation.


MyProhandy consists of a team of highly skilled tradesmen that can help you with any specialized task around the house such as: mounting, electrical, plumbing, handy work. We’ve been a highly effective company since 2008, and have serviced thousands of homes in Toronto, Ottawa, and many other cities.

We carry the utmost respect for your space and schedule. We’re dedicated to fast and effective solutions that can solve your handyman needs without you having to do a thing. Simply fill out our quick contact form and we’ll schedule the perfect time and date that we can come out to help.

We make sure to keep the quality of our servicing and installations high to give your home the best look possible.  We understand that the look and atmosphere of a space has a lot more meaning than people usually give it credit for.  That’s why it’s our personal mission to come service your home, and give it that perfect look that you envisioned in your mind.    

Saving you money is one of our biggest concerns.  We know that a lot of the time people have to choose between cost and quality.  So we’ve decided to take away the tough choice and became a company that offers both.  We guarantee excellent quality at the most competitive prices available, so you can have the job done right the first time without spending too much.