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Many Years of Experiencein the Business

Serving the communities in Toronto, Ottawa, and surrounding areas. Since 2008 we’ve served the commercial market, specializing in property maintenance. In 2012 we recognized a huge and growing demand for reliable on-demand handymen in the residential market. We launched our ever growing on-demand professional and reliable handyman service MyProhandy.



Thank you for stopping by! Here at MyProhandy, we take customer service very seriously! We’ve thought deeply about the user experience, and we are constantly making adjustments to improve that experience.

Feedback from our customers over the years has given us some insight into the concerns and stresses our customers face when hiring a service provider. We have put together a list of the Top 5 concerns and stresses from consumers in the home improvement industry, and how we address these in our attempt to eliminate these issues by being proactive, transparent, honest, and customer driven.

We are also in a continuous process of creating content in our resource center to help the consumer better understand the industry and answer their questions with very detailed and specific articles (and videos to come).

We've thought about and so far come up with 53 questions we hear from our customers and here are the Top 5 Concerns and Stresses that provoke anxiety for consumers in our industry.

  • Info not readily available
  • Wasted time searching. We've all been there, we jump on google to search for the price of something so we can have a better idea of what something should cost before we make a final decision, only to find it next to impossible to find a reliable number. Jumping from site to site on google hoping for someone to provide some insight, is a very frustrating and time-consuming process. This is a very common consumer experience in the home improvement space.

  • Companion article. First, we are creating a series of “How much does it cost...” articles and posting these to the resource center every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. These articles and prices are specific to the Toronto market and surrounding area, however are likely to be similar in other big cities.

  • Self booking system. Second, we have our prices clearly stated on our site. We make sure you understand what's included and what’s not included. You can find this information on our self booking system.

  • Fear of the unknown Problems can arise, and that can be stressful!

  • Increased cost. These problems usually increase the overall project costs.

  • Delayed completion. Some problems may even delay your project.

  • Companion article. We are creating a series of companion articles to very clearly explain exactly what our process is and outline next steps.

  • Clear communication. You don't need to be the expert, that’s our job! We know what problems can arise, so we ask very purposeful questions so we can know precisely what additional problems might exist, and communicate that before we even send a tech out. We also ask for pictures to aid us in this process.

  • Setting realistic expectations. We are upfront about potential obstacles and what they might cost to resolve before we send out a tech. We get your approval on any additional expenses, so that there are no surprises.

  • Social proof. You want to make sure others have had a great experience, and that the company you hire has a great reputation!

  • Trust. You want to know that not only the company has great reputation but their employees as well!

  • Safety. You are inviting someone into your home, why not know a little more about them first.

  • Quality of work. You want the work to be completed right the first time and be proud of your decision.

  • Reviews. We’ve kind of neglected this, but we want to make it easier for you to make a comfortable decision, and so we are working on getting more reviews.

  • Company & employees' bios. We have our company bio on our about page. We also have a bio for each one of our service techs, so when you are going through the self-booking process you can select which tech you want, and check out their bio before you complete your order.

  • Customer surveys. We want to know how we can improve and offer better service to our customers, and we get this information on site but also from our surveys.

  • Follow-ups. We schedule our follow-ups in our CRM system so we can check in and make sure you are still satisfied with our work and to answer questions you might have after installation or repair.

  • Wheres my tech?

  • When will the job be completed?

  • When is your availability?

  • How long will it take?

  • Do you offer service on evenings and weekends?

  • Self booking. We use 3rd party software currently and we’ve tested literally dozens of solutions and none of them are perfect. Please be patient with us, our development team is working on a custom solution to this, with live schedules, clear communication, GPS tech tracking, direct communication with tech, etc.

  • Technician’s GPS Tracking. We send you updates throughout the process, including text alerts, appointment reminders, and clear ETA’s for your tech.

  • Whats the best option within our price range?
  • Product shortcomings
  • Product reviews & product comparison. We are putting together a series of compairison articles and product reviews. We talk to other industry experts like suppliers, other local trades, to get a fuller understanding of what products are best and what are some of the shortcomings of specific products.



Donovan performed excellent service time and time again. I moved to my new place more than a year ago. Thanks to him, I was able to get many furniture assembled and turn my home into a kids safe and cozy place. He has always been punctual, detail oriented, efficient and tidy, never leaving a mess. I also appreciate that he always brings a warm smile and thoughtful and kind words. I would not have purchased all the items that needed to be assembled or installed if I didn't have someone like Donavon. Especially at these rough times you need someone who would be reliable every time and I am so glad to find him.
Yining Wu
Donavon did an amazing job with my kitchen island today. He was punctual and came well prepared. The job went incredibly smoothly and his work was very thorough. Highly recommend him for all your handyman needs and more. I will definitely be a repeat customer!
Jay Kandasamy
Donovan provided exceptional service on a timely basis, and his finished product and attention to detail was excellent. We would recommend Donovan and MyProhandy to anyone and look forward to working with him again in the future.
Daniel Szirmak